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Nice People

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An anti-libel group [07 Jul 2009|11:31pm]
I have created the group anti_libel. This is a group for people that oppose libel/slander, particularly that which is directed against people of specific beliefs and/or ideals. We oppose libel/slander against ANY such group, or against any individual that is representative of such a group. There are however some groups that are more often the target of libel than others.

Common types of libel include characterizing the opposition as stupid, ignorant, cowardly, or having impaired mental health... but there are countless types of group libel and it is doubtful that they can all be listed here.

We realize that opposition to such libel means that we have much in common, even more in common than people that are united by having the same beliefs or ideals. Group libel behavior is the consequence of a general desire to disrupt, and it is that fundamental character trait that we oppose.

Which hairstyle should I get? [26 Jan 2007|07:07pm]

I'm going to get a haircut, but I can't decide. Which one do you think I should get?
a new do
What hairstyle do you like best?

Cute Bob
My Old Hairdo
My Old Style (modified)
Big Curls
Curl 2

where have all the good people gone? [16 Dec 2006|08:35am]

If you do things with the good of your heart, and people are being sarcastic and mean, why is it your fault and why do you have to be the one to adjust to them. This world is full of violent and screwed up people, but it seems that we are all so busy criticizing and telling the good people to change for the bad people when it should be the other way around. What the hell is going on?

I did something right. It wasn't my fault. All I did was do the right thing. Be truthful and honest. I was trying to speak for someone to get them off the hook for something they didn't do. And then they screw with me anyway.

I'm the good one that treats others with respect. I'm the one that cares for the world. I'm the one who has faith in the world, but yet when people are screwed up and put others down just to feel good about themselves, my boss tells ME to go learn to adjust to THEM. wtf?

I am the only one getting lectured by my boss while the other person gets it off easy just cuz they are a different personality type. Sorry I had to be the sweet-person personality and they were born with the sarcastic personality.

Makes sense. Makes friggin lots of sense.

I can get it if we are both lectured, but not one word was said to the offending party. And of course it's ok to be rude. It's the world we live in right? All the mean crapheads get it off nice and easy. Which is why we have things such as WARS and EGO and ATTITUDES.

Good job boss. Keep this world a better place to live in. Let's go change all the nice people so they can blend in with mean people, and then you wonder why there is no peace..

Obviously, my "Christian" boss was SLEEPING in church and didn't listen to any of the sermons.

Howdy! [26 Nov 2006|09:05am]
My name is Jon and I'm A very nice quiet(and shy)person and well i wanted to make some new friends here add me and i'll add you back

Hi Everyone! :D [01 Sep 2005|06:59am]

*Clears throat* Hi everyone! I'm new to this community and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rachel, and it's nice to be part of a community with nice people. :) I like to hang out with my friends, listen to music, and jog, lol.

So ya. :P You all are welcome to add me as a friend, and I'll add you back as well. :D So, what were you guys talking about?
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hmm [18 Apr 2005|10:38pm]

So people are still lurking?

Do you want to talk about something in here? What do you want to do with this community?

(if you havent noticed, I use it to test my journal layouts... lol... ;) )


I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving [17 Apr 2005|02:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Oooh, I like this community despite the quietude. Uhh...do you guys have an app or something? Anyways, hooray for being nice (^_^) It's definately the right way to live.

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newbie [12 Jan 2005|04:39pm]

hey, i just joined (obviously)
the community seems a *little* bit quiet, and im hoping itll pick up, because its not often that you find nice people, and im so *sick* of the nasty ones.
i joined because of all the communitys ive been too, there have been some really really mean people. normally ive been able to avoid them until recently.
im sick of the mean people.
i want to talk to you guys!
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be happy about something [10 Oct 2004|04:35pm]

Join a new community at beproud

beproud post this in your journal to spread some sort of happiness. It couldn't hurt. :)

(if you want me to delete this from your community, just let me know. But join first!)

.... [09 Apr 2004|04:47pm]

join now

Hi Nice People!! [05 Sep 2003|11:02pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi guys! I like nice people. I like being nice. More later!

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Chocolate [07 Aug 2003|06:54pm]

In my profession it is a truth quickly learned that the process of giving is without limits. Guillaume left La Praline with a small bag of florentines in his pocket; before he had turned the corner...I saw him stoop to offer one to the dog...as I said, some people never have to think about giving.

I butchard the poetry of Joanna Harris' writting by cutting it up like that but this part struck me as something I had to share.
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Kindness [07 Aug 2003|04:54am]

You represent... kindness.
You represent... kindness.
You're a very gentle, kind, and caring individual.
You truely care about people and are generally
well-liked. Though sometimes you may be
perceived as weak, you truely have a strong
heart and a good desire to help others.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

I need to grow some balls. [30 Jul 2003|02:44pm]

I got highlights yesterday.

The girl made them BLONDE and not CARMEL.

they didnt get the roots... my hair is black mind you, so it was like HELLO BLONDE!

Well my friend made me go back and complain when I started crying at lunch.

Today she darkened the highlights. Its still not fabulous, but I can atleast live with it.

I wish I could complain. I feel bad doing it though.
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Love & Niceness [30 Jul 2003|12:51pm]

Does anyone ever feel as if their 'niceness' sort of shoots them down in the dating game. I myself find myself going on second dates with men who are pretty much losers...mostly because I don't want to hurt their feelings. Also I hold my tongue a bit too often even when I'm in a long term relationship.

So instead of arguing, I always just kind of kill things immediately...giving the impression that I'm heartless or something.

Or maybe I'm just a wuss.
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Hey [19 Jul 2003|11:37pm]

are my icons showing up?
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The Unique... [18 Jul 2003|01:07am]

Are you unique? Not like everyone else...

Do you do your own thing?

Come join The Unique...

its a rating community so be sure to read the rules...

Please come check us out!


Good Quote! [28 Jun 2003|04:02pm]

"Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolutions."

- Khalil Gibran -
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[14 Jun 2003|01:50pm]

I didn't actually do this good deed but my hubby did. He was going onto the Naval base to get something and there are usually older men that stand outside at the gates and hand out military newspapers. It has been scorching hot lately and my hubby noticed that this one man was sweating like crazy. Matt had two bottles of water in the car that he just got and gave one to the old man. I thought that was soooo nice of him.

[12 Jun 2003|03:56pm]

Our air conditioner is broken and it's over 90 degrees. I'm about to die. So one of my friends came and picked me up and we drove around in her air conditioned car for 2 hours. I just thought that was soooo nice of her.
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