fine_clarity (fine_clarity) wrote in nice_people,

An anti-libel group

I have created the group anti_libel. This is a group for people that oppose libel/slander, particularly that which is directed against people of specific beliefs and/or ideals. We oppose libel/slander against ANY such group, or against any individual that is representative of such a group. There are however some groups that are more often the target of libel than others.

Common types of libel include characterizing the opposition as stupid, ignorant, cowardly, or having impaired mental health... but there are countless types of group libel and it is doubtful that they can all be listed here.

We realize that opposition to such libel means that we have much in common, even more in common than people that are united by having the same beliefs or ideals. Group libel behavior is the consequence of a general desire to disrupt, and it is that fundamental character trait that we oppose.
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